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BMW I3 and I3 Range Extender


The BMW I3 was one of the first electric cars designed specifically as just that, an electric car was groundbreaking because of the innovative carbon fibre technology used in its construction, reducing the weight, its styling broke the mould and incorporated many ideas, such as rear coach doors enabling easy access. There are 2 distinct ranges, all-electric and a range extender model with a small petrol-electric generator. The power outputs have increased over the years, and range from 80 miles on the 60kw models up to 190 miles with the latest models.


There's a full review here 

For the time being, as the anxiety exists around electric vehicle range, and the lack of facilities to recharge on the move, our current thinking is that to give you a sense of security, the best option is cars like the BMW I3 Range Extender, which can comfortably give you an electric mileage of upwards of 80 miles plus and with the range extender allowing you the flexibility to continue your journey for as far as you need without having to recharge the battery. There is a full explanation in the videos you can access here


So if you are concerned about the lack of charging facilities or want the comfort of knowing that you have an option to switch to petrol for part of your journey this could be the answer


We currently have a selection of 4 to choose from starting from £15000 and with finance deals available costing as little as £250 per month ( subject to terms and conditions)


Nissan Leaf


Introduced in 2011, the Nissan Leaf has been one of the most popular choices for the electric car buyer, being roomy, very reliable and as a used car they have proved to be very good value. 

We would like to recommend the cars manufactured after 2015 which have a decent range and seem to be better built. The Acenta and Tekna models are very well equipped and prices for a good used example are from £10,000 for a low mileage car with a decent service history


Here are some reviews and guides to give you some ideas


We will be adding some more cars onto the list as time goes on and we learn more about electric cars, but in the meantime, if you want to know more  just phone us-we’re learning fast and if a chat with us gives you some more insight or if you have some challenging questions we will do our best to find the answers

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